Monday, December 26, 2005

Civil war is Inevitable.

With the sunni arabs of Iraq continuing their morally bankrupt demonstrations against the election results, about 1,000 shiites have come out to show their support for the Government of Ibrahim Jafari.

The sunni's dont seem to understand that they are a minority in Iraq, and that democracy pretty much protects the interests of the majority and no one else. I don't see the point in wasting time negotiating with them as they will always demand more. They will not be satisfied until they are back in power, and no amount of talking will mollify them. They've vowed to continue their policy of terrorism whilst pursuing a political path. Many are likening them to Sinn Fein and the IRA in Northern Ireland.

As it goes the election results are pretty consistent with the populaton figures and so the sunnis really have nothing to complain about. They are afflicted with a racist mentality that has been hammered home by years of dominance over the shias. They repeat the mantra that before the war, there was no difference between sunni and shia, that everyone was equal. Well I'm sorry to be the one to break it to you but this was never the case guys. The shias were treated abysmally under the former regime while the sunnis prospered and remained silent at the persecution of the "brothers". Now that the shias are the ones in power, they can't deal with it and are throwing their toys out of the pram, to deadly effect. What's worse is the media's criminal neglect of the simple facts. They go on and on about "shia death squads" but hardly mention the brutal sectarian nature of this guerilla war. When Jafari's government took power, the sunni's war of terrorism and misery went into overdrive. They attempted to show the Iraqi people that the shia Islamist parties couldn't protect them, and that what was really best for them was a return to the old order. In order to stem the tide of death, the Interior Ministry sent elite squads like the Wolf brigades out into sunni areas to combat the violence. In late November, the US Army 'Accidently' stumbled across an Interior Ministry prison, where about 170 people, mainly sunnis, were found in a pretty bad way. By their own admission these people were actively involved in the violent war against the government, so why the fuss? What was the government supposed to do, ask nicely for them to stop killing people? They had taken part in a crippling campaign of death and destruction against the Iraqi people and yet all the media could do was hold interviews with people like Iyad Allawi, where he talked about how wonderful life was under Saddam and how bad those shias were for daring to defend themselves. And you can call me paranoid but I'm convinced that certain secrect agencies of some western nations (CIA?) were taking part in this campaign of terrorism and sabotage, in order to make the shia Islamists look bad by the time Iraqis went to the poll on Dec 15th. The ploy failed as the people remained steadfast and voted in huge numbers for the UIA, the coalition of shia parties.
Faced with such a racist and pig-headed enemy, who refuses to use any logic or humanity to resolve the crisis, the only alternative for the shia government is to finally give in and put down the rebellion by any means neccessary. The shia have shown immense restraint and patience while their mosques have been bombed and their Imams beheaded, purely for being shia. This has been down, to a great extent, to Ayatollah Sistani controlling the people. The time has come, however, to throw the Idea of a 'National Unity' government out of the window, and to face facts. Such a unity government would be good in theory if the Iraqi people had a decent and sane partner to work with but the sunni arabs have proved that they aren't any of these things.
I have already stated that the sunni arab people must isolate the Baathists and Salafi's, and produce their own independent leaders. Until this happens, then they are responsible for everything that happens in their name, and must therefore be prepared to reap the consequences of what they've sowed.


At 6:00 PM, Blogger freeman said...

You forgot to mention the Shiite dominated government atrocities against the Sunnis: illegal detentions, torture, disappearance, summary executions, and raids. This is not mentioning they are the new boss and have all the power and money. Do you think that reconciliation such as South African could have been tried instead of purging of people without proof? I am sure many extremists would not let that to happen from the Sunni side because first they don’t believe in popular election, second they know they would lose against numerous Shiite population, however what the Shiites in power did was avenging for what Saddam did to them. Exacting the price this way is distractive.

At 9:16 PM, Blogger David Lee Bishop said...

I recognize that the demands of the sunnis are unreasonable, but don't you agree that insurgencies are more likely to be put down by co-opting those who support the insurgency politically, as the British have done in Northern Ireland, rather than by trying to kill all of the insurgents?

The current situation seems to me similar to that in Bosnia after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The Bosnian Serbs refused to accept their minority status, boycotted the provincial election, and launched an insurgency that reduced the entire province to ruins. The Dayton treaty that eventually ended the violence did so by giving them part of what they wanted -- ethnic partition of the province.


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