Saturday, December 17, 2005

Election predictions.

The UIA, Iraq's largest shia muslim co-alition is well ahead by all indications. the battle for 2nd place is between the kurdish and sunni arab list. Allawi is way back and may not even come 4th.

no one in iraq likes Allawi. there is this insistence in the western media that Allawi is really popular and that he will be the next PM. sometimes it's almost as if they think they know whats best for us. well to the Financial Times, which has desperately (and perhaps slanderously) been criticising Ibrahim al-Jafari for the last year, and to everyone else who thinks they know whats best for Iraq i say this:

Noone knows whats best for Iraq, except for Iraqis. WE will decide on our path and WE will decide who is the best person to lead us. It was condescending foreigners who came to enlighten us backward iraqi people about the merits of Democracy, even though WE were doing democracy thousands of years ago that got us into this mess in the first place.

you got rid of Saddam. thank you. now leave the rest to us. this election has met international standards, yet surprise surprise Allawi's camp is complainign of fraud. The only fraud iraqis are angry about is the $1.3 BILLION theft from the Ministry of Defence, by Hazem Shallan, under Allawi's reign as PM. THAT is the man the west is hailing as the best hope for Iraq.

According to the election results i think the majority of Iraq agrees with me when i say:
you can keep him.


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