Tuesday, January 03, 2006

US Army keeps killing Iraqis. Bush betrays Iraq.

According to Reuters 14 Iraqis were killed in a US Army airstrike on Tuesday If these people were indeed insurgents then why not go in with ground troops? This way they ensured the deaths of children and women and gave more fire to the insurgency! This Indiscriminate murder of people just shows that america doesnt give a damn about ordinary Iraqis. all they are interested in is their own pockets. the more bombs they drop, the more demand there is for the big defense corporations to keep making more weapons, thus keeping the american oligarchs rich. The US taxpayer pays with his money, and the Iraqi citizen pays with his blood.

And Bush's announcement that Iraq is to receive no more money for reconstruction (AFTER THEIR OFFICIALS STOLE MOST OF IT!) just highlights my point.

The sooner these murderers get their troops out of Iraq, the better.


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