Sunday, December 18, 2005

What Ahmedinejad was trying to say?

This is something i wrote a little while ago after a deep conversation i had with one of my (Iraqi!) jewish friends...

"l was having a discussion with my friend the other day and he made a good point and it was that, had it not been for the racist white supremecist tendencies of the europeans throughout the ages, theodore herzl and the other founders of zionism would never have needed to even come up for a plan for the jewish state. for hundreds of years jews were persecuted and treated as 2nd class citizens, from london to moscow. from shakespeares 'the merchant of venice' to the all out attack of goebble's propaganda machine the jews have been portrayed as evil rats, who plot to destroy the community they live in. this, despite the fact that wherever they have gone, they have contributed so much to the communty they live in. the jews in the middle east were treated better than anywhere in the world in their 4,000 year history. in iraq the jews were the ones who built the roads, hospitals and other infrastructure. they lived peacefully among the muslims for hundreds of years. this is down to the fact that islam acknowledges that the jews and muslims are natural semite cousins, through Prophet Abraham, due to the fact that Isaac's lineage went on to become the jews and that Ismael's lineage went on to become the arabs, and hence the muslims. the natural love between jews and muslims is clear for all to see, as true islam preaches love and peace between all humanity.
The golden age for the jews in europe was in spain during muslim rule! and then in came the 'christian' white men with their inquisition, and the jews were once again being murdered. anyway fast forward a few hundred years to Hitler and you get the straw that broke the camels back. even though the Holocaust was 50 years after theodore herzl started his campaign for a jewish state in palestine, it was just what was needed for the international community to be cowered into acquiescing to all and any jewish demands. the zionists then managed to bore into their faith and use it to further and justify their political goals just like the saudi royal family is doing to islam.

Now the zionists are committing horendous acts of murder and sabotage all throughtout the middle east in order to achieve their goal of greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. but we must understand that at the root of their evil lies hundreds, if not thousands, of years of persecution, which is now being taken out on the poor palestinians and the muslims in general. the emphasis is on the europeans to do more than just cower to any demand that israel makes. even though it is understandable that the jews are humiliating the european governments in this way, the governments must use their political capital to knock heads together to get a fair result for both sides, a real peace deal that is fair to both sides. Either that or they can give up some of their land to create a jewish state. It is unjust for the palestinians to be the ones to suffer the consequenses of racist Europe's blood letting."

Maybe Ahmedinejad was trying to make a similar point, which is that Europe is ultimately to blame for the Arab-Israeli conflict. It should be those nations who pay the jews the compensation they deserve, including a homeland, and it was a huge injustice that the palestinians had to lose their nation because of someone elses crimes.