Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Brave "Mujahideen" fights on.

Yes people, those courageous "Holy Warriors" are back, bravely going where no one has gone before! Firstly a suicide bomber blows himself up at a funeral, on Wednesday. Around 32 people were killed according to the report, but that number is bound to rise. Oh yeah and they were all Shia, but I'm sure you all guessed that anyway. Then earlier today, on Thursday the 5th January, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the Holy shrine dedicated to Imam Hussein, the martyr of Kerbala. Around 60 people are reported to have died so far, with the figure again expected to rise. Again, all the victims were Shia Muslims whose only crimes were their faith, their devotion to one of Islam's holiest warriors and their mourning of his martyrdom at the hands of one of Islam's most reviled figures, Yazid (although Sunni's are more reserved in their criticism of him).

How brave are these "Holy Warriors" who kill innocent men and women without remorse!

And in an act of sabotage, almost definitely planned by the Baathists, around 60 more people were killed at a recruiting station for the Iraqi Police and Army. The terrorists can keep on with their campaign of terror but it just makes the Iraqi people stronger, and makes them firmer in their stand against evil. But now is the time for the REAL Sunni arabs to stand up and condemn these cowardly and sectarian attacks. If indeed this is the CIA or MOSSAD trying to incite a civil war, then the Sunni's need to stand up and show that they are on the side of the righteous and that they condemn this poison.

look at these pictures.

I chose to go to the BBC because the other pictures I've seen online are too disturbing. (Not that these aren't).


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Salam Alaikum brother Eisa

Just read your blog from a link on You have a nice blog there! Keep blogging, Inshallah we'll all pray with you for Iraq!



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