Thursday, February 23, 2006

End attacks on sunnis NOW.

(left) A member of Muqtada Sadrs Mahdi Army stands guard outside a sunni mosque in the mainly shia town of Basra.

After the apocalyptic events of yesterday, there have been reports of well over 130 sunni being killed in reprisal attacks.

We are muslims first and foremost. The Sunna of our Holy Prophet (saw) does not teach us to be angry and to let rage cloud our judgement. Our Holy Imams (as) whose graves were desecrated in such an evil manner would also NOT want to see innocent blood spilt as a result of this.
The shia have shown ourselves to be the most patient peoples in the world, bar none. Our doctrine demands violence only in self defence, and even then it MUST be controlled. Surely Allah (swt) does not like those who exceed the limits laid down in the Holy Books. We are cleaner than those who committed this act, whoever it was, and to stoop to their level is to betray our core beliefs and makes us weak.
But it is vital for outsiders to understand that in Iraq we have been the victims of genocide of 35 years, some would even say over 1400 years. For the last 3 years we have been targetted by the arrogant ones, in a shameless manner, our Imams beheaded, our children killed, our mosques bombed, our leaders assassinated. Like warriors we stood firm and didnt snap, but yesterdays events sparked a response from the shia that has never been seen before. There is no moral equivalence between the few shia who have attacked these sunnis recently and the small number of sunnis who have subjected the shia to misery and oppression for years.
We will not allow the Holocaust against the shia to continue for one day longer, however we must not, under any circumstances, resort to killing sunnis just because of the sins of a few who claim they are sunnis. This is not the way of the Prophet (saw), and it makes us as bad as those who committed the atrocities against us. We are better than that as we have the glorious example of Rasulallah (saw) and his Progeny. The Sadr militiaman in the photo above is following this example and we all need to do so, especially at this time when they mock our Prophets (saw) and our faith and try to plunder our wealth.
We showed unity over the cartoon insults and the enemies of Islam became scared. Now, it is an incredible coincidence that that unity is coming under threat at this time. We as muslims must not let that happen.


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