Thursday, February 02, 2006


Pray4Iraq will continue to be off-line until an Iraqi government is formed.

It is a protest against the system of spoils which has been used to appoint cabinet ministers. Iraqs ministries are not being run on merit by the best people for the job, but are being handed out to political groups as a reward for their performance during the elections. The Democrats in the US dont hold cabinet positions and neither do the Conservatives in the UK, so why should Iraq be lumbered with such an inefficient system? It is especially depressing, given the fact that the government needs the most skilled people it has to run the country more than ever before. Yet we see ministers filling their offices with people from their own parties, some of whom dont even have high school certificates, and Iraq's most skilled are left jobless, with many having to leave the country to find work.

The process of awarding the ministries is also wasting valuable time, as the squabbling continues. Iraqis just want their lives to be restored to some form of normalcy and the delays brought about by these negotiations arent going to achieve that. Until a government is in place this blog will remain silent.


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