Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update on Sunni-Shia links.

As has been reported recently, members of the largest Shia coalition in Iraq, the United Iraqi Alliance, have begun talks with Adnan Dulaimi of the Iraqi Accord Front, the Sunni Islamist party, with regards to forming a government of national unity. Today, however, Al-Hayat reports that there is an attempt underway by certain Sunni groups to form a broad based Sunni coalition which brings Salih Mutlaq and his secular National Dialogue Council into the fold. These attempts are most probably the work of the Neo-Baathists who are terrified of being left behind, and are trying to attach themselves to the religious Sunni movement.

The Shia leaders must make it very clear to Adnan Dulaimi that the involvement of the Baathists really is a red-line that will not be crossed, in order for such a threat to pass. Otherwise there is a chance that the Shia will pull away from Dulaimi, and that will put paid to any hopes of a national government being formed.


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