Monday, December 19, 2005

Unofficial election results

Unofficial election results are indicating that my election day predictions could be accurate and that the UIA has a commanding lead.

The key number is 138 seats. anyone who has this has a majority.

these are the rough figures, as we are still a week or two away from the final official result.

The UIA have an estimated 132 seats
the kurdish alliance has 57 seats
the sunnis have 54 seats
Allawi has around 21 (around half the number he got last time)

apparently the smaller independant shia groups won 10 seats. if this is true the UIA could absorb these smaller parties and could rule without having to form a coalition although i doubt that will happen. Hopefully an alliance can be struck with the sunnis and we can have some degree of unity after way too much sectarian bloodshed.


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