Friday, March 03, 2006

EX UN man says iraq less safe.

According to John Pace, a former UN official who worked in Iraq, the country is less safe than it was under Saddam. Apparently, now all aspects of Iraqi society are targets as opposed to before when at least sunnis and baath party members were safe.

I see. So it was better before when only shia and kurd were being killed, but now that the sunnis have been brought down from their perch its only bad now. I suspect when he was in Iraq he spent most of his time with the ethically bankrupt foreign jounalists who equate the shia militias with sunni terrorists. There is no moral equivalence between the conduct of the insurgents and the militias who are protecting their community where the US has failed. Even to this day, the shia clergy are restraining their followers whereas the sunni Association of Muslim Scholars dares to blame Ayatollah Sistani for the recent upsurge in violence. To be sure, those who attacked sunnis indiscriminately in the aftermath of the Al-Askariyah bombing should be punished for their behaviour but the outside world should understand that the shia have been victims of a massive provocation. 1400 years of pain for the shia and the world remained silent, and the Iraqi sunnis have been victims to an illegal US occupation (just like every other iraqi) and now the world wants to talk about human rights abuses?

Cry the sunnis a river if you wish... it will be a river mixed with thousands of years worth of shia blood.


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