Monday, December 19, 2005

violence returns to Iraq

Again innocent iraqis are targetted, this time at the shia district of kadhimia in Baghdad. Why do we rarely hear anything in the western press about this sort of sectarian strife? lets be honest here, the shias are still suffering more than anyone in Iraq, yet all they focus on is the torture of people who admit to being insurgents. and the baathists have the gall to claim that the sunnis are being ethnically cleansed, even though they themselves massacred innocent sunnis as well as shias.

The sunnis of Iraq have to take responsibility for their future. At the moment they are being represented by either salafi extremists or baathists, and the kurdish and shia factions assume that all sunni fall into one of the two groups, when this is untrue (although some would say that the US army's policies have pushed normally moderate people into one of these camps).

John F Burns writes a good article on this issue.
If the sunnis want to play a role in Iraqs future, they MUST condemn the sectarian nature of attacks aimed at shia holy sites and mosques. They constantly claim that before the 2003 invasion there was no such thing as sunni or shia, you were simply iraqi. The onus is on the sunnis to prove this claim by showing their solidarity with the shias and by condemning these attacks. Otherwise shia patience will run thin, and Grand Ayatollah Sistani and the US troops may no longer be able to restrain the long suffering and much provoked shia of Iraq.


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